Did you know that accessorising your vehicle does not only enhance its appearance but it is also a way of showing off your unique style, by accessorising your car the resale value goes up? Below we have put together a shopping guide of some of the vehicle accessories available on the market and their advantages:

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels refer to any wheels made from a combination of aluminium and small traces of other metals. Aluminium combined with these other metals creates a supremely strong and lightweight wheel. Alloy wheels are incredibly durable and weigh less giving the car more brake clearance. Most people purchase a set of alloy wheels because they enhance the appearance of their vehicles, but there are many other benefits to having them on a car. A lighter wheel also makes it easier for the car to accelerate, and this can give drivers a small increase in fuel mileage.

Alloy wheels disperse heat better, and this decreases cracking and bending.

Better dispersion also translates to more efficient braking. Additionally, many alloy wheels have spokes designed to let air flow freely around the rest of the tyre, and this helps cool the brakes. Because alloy wheels are a huge investment, owners should take time to clean and maintain the wheels on a regular basis.

Bull Bars

As a safety feature on your vehicle, bull bars are the most ideal way of preventing deformations on your front end components. Bull bars are suitable for trucks or 4x4vehicles and are installed at the front end of the car making it stronger, more protected and also giving the vehicle better clearance. The other advantage of installing a bull bar on your vehicle is that when you are involved in an accident the vital components of the vehicle are not damaged like the fans and the radiator.

There are two types of bull bars which are aluminium and steel. Steel bull bars are a bit heavy and before installing them on your vehicle your suspension has to be checked first to ensure that it can sustain the weight of the bull bar. However steel bull bars are strong and durable and can withstand any pressure that is mounted on them. Aluminium bull bars are lighter and when it comes to installation you do not need to worry about your suspension. Alloy bull bars require constant polishing and just like the steel bull bars, they are also strong and durable and protect your car from any damages that might occur in the event of a collision.

Roof Rack

If you are looking at increasing storage space on your vehicle then the roof rack is the accessory you need. It is a rack that provides additional storage and space and allows the secure transfer of bulky items such as bags and large containers. It can also support the transfer of sporting equipment such as bikes and canoes. A roof rack makes it possible to carry a variety of things on the top of your car and these vary in sizes depending on the size of the vehicle. Roof racks can be used for commercial and personal use and the commercial racks are much stronger to allow them to carry heavy equipment.

The rack that is suitable to a given vehicle is selected not just on the basis of the vehicle’s size but you should take into consideration whether there are already attachment points to which a roof rack may be fastened. The general form of a roof rack is some kind of support, which attaches to the roof.

This holds load bars that actually carry the load.END

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