Working from home came as a new phenomenon that caught individuals and corporates napping.

The locked down imposition was an abrupt move that brought about a new working phenomenon which needed adjustments from all angles.Corporates needed to invest in portable gadgets for their employees like laptops and iPads as well as by data to enable their employees to connect while working from home.

More so, companies also installed some VPNs to allow their employees to access the work servers from home.

While some who are into technical and hands-on jobs like manufacturing and mining need to be at  the site, those who have the privilege to work from home  require to master the new art.

It is not easy to work up early in the morning and create a working atmosphere at home.

The same home that houses kids, wife, and husband and siblings stay. The idea of resisting the temptations of playing with family is too big to phantom.

But we should not ignore that working from home also brought about a leeway to do freelancing work, depending on your industry.

Undoubtedly some people working from home could not resist the idea of working from the comfort of their beds, without any headache of bathing and changing into working attires.

Without the boss’s scrutiny one could spare an hour or two to do some independent work that adds some extra cash.

Moreso the idea of working brought about no boundaries as to what time one could start off work and knock off. You find that sometimes one could work fewer hours and sometimes go an extra mile of working into midnight.

Depending on the industry some could even work ahead to cover rest the following days.

One could also receive after hours check-ins which could affect one’s freedom.

Oftenly planning meetings could be held on hangouts, Skype, Zoom among other social media applications.

Those privileged to have money could not resist snacking time and again eating stocked, dried chips, apples and peanuts .

However those other people who work in conventional job settings have a tendency to believe that “working from home” means “not working at all.

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