One of the world top wonders is lifeless, with no hive of activity at all. Victoria Falls which boosts by attracting tourists from global prime markets is deserted. Restaurants, curio shops in the resort town have gathered dust after heeding authorities call to close to contain the outbreak of Covid 19.

Taxi operations, airport, shops are redundant for almost three months now as tourists have been kept at bay.

With no patrons the whole place reminisce a cemetery.

The Victoria Falls rainforest has not been spared from desertion, the mighty fall is thundering in loneliness with no visitor around to enjoy the grandeur of the place. Worryingly this year, Victoria Falls recorded one of the highest waterfalls in ten years of 4200 cubic metres per second.

According to Zambezi River Authority, the flows at Victoria Falls rose from 349 cubic metres per second (m3/s) at the start of January to a peak of 4 289m3/s on May 3 2020. The showers, better known as “The Smoke that Thunders had no one to witness it this year.

Perhaps baboons, elephants, monkeys were only privileged to watch the majestic fall without human interruption.

With international travels remaining restricted the United Nations World Tourism Organisation recently noted that the global travel industry had been hard hit by Covid-19, with international tourist arrivals envisaged to plunge between 60% and 80% this year, translating to a loss of up to US$1,2 trillion.

Up to 120 million global jobs that are directly related to tourism are at risk in one of the worst crises to face international tourism.

With Zimbabwe still at level 2 of lockdown, authorities are coy to give nod to tourism player’s plea to lift the ban on intercity travel to revive domestic tourism.

While domestic tourism would likely take time to pick up considering the low disposable incomes and general poverty levels in the country, Victoria Falls is a destination of choice for domestic leisure activities such as educational trips, family tourism holidays, free independent travellers, couples retreats, religious groups’ camps, weddings and honeymoons

AS the wait for the reopening of tourism the resort town is yearning to quench its thirst  for conferencing activities from known patrons that include government ministries, quasi-government bodies, NGOs, professional bodies and institutions, financial institutions and mining houses.

Tinotenda Samukange | Online Content Producer |

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